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Social Responsibility



As road journey is inevitable during a trip to Bhutan, we ensure that all our vehicles meet Emission Standards laid down by the National Environment Commission (NEC). No vehicle in our fleet is older than 5 years and all the vehicles undergo regular servicing and vehicle emission checks.

Waste Management:

We take pride in our pristine landscape, therefore, we adhere to proper waste management during our trekking trips. Our guides and porters collect all the waste generated during the trek and bring it back for disposal and recycling. We do not wash utensils or set up bathing tents near streams and rivers which are major source potable water for the people of high-alpine regions. We erect toilet tents away from water sources and cover them properly after breaking the camps. Our guides bring back all the non-biodegradable waste from the trail or leave it at designated waste disposal sites.


As the demand for firewood grows during peak trekking season, tour operators procure wood for various trekking activities from local settlers who chop down more trees to meet the demand. Also, since 70% of the country is under forest cover, bonfires lit by revellers can cause a major forest fire.  We use gas stoves for cooking and do not light bonfires during the treks.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations:

To promote low-carbon tourism, we have partnered with several eco-friendly hotels and lodges across Bhutan. These hotels use renewable sources of energy and procure their supplies from local farmers who employ organic farming methods.

Our Tours:

Our tours are the ideal balance of engagement with nature and cultural immersion. We encourage our guests to take the less-travelled destinations, routes and activities to reduce pressure on popular tourist sites and the surrounding environment. We add a host of outdoor activities such as day hikes, bicycle tours, and short treks in our itineraries that not only reduce carbon footprint but also promote appreciation for Bhutan’s natural heritage.

Employee Welfare

Our employees genuinely love their work and want to make an impact in the workplace. Their work and experience matter to us in the ever-growing, competitive Bhutanese tourism industry. We understand that holistic employee welfare is important for any business and we constantly strive to create a good and safe work environment. To show our appreciation, we have implemented various bonus plans and welfare schemes for all our employees. Our permanent employees are part of the Provident Fund Scheme and entitled to the company’s monthly rental allowance. We also sponsor workshops, education tours and short-term courses for those employees who wish to broaden their knowledge. Additionally, we regularly take our employees on holidays and tours that encourage camaraderie and team spirit.

Ethical Tourism

  • We do not employ child labour.
  • We follow strict government guidelines while compensating temporary workers such as porters and cooks during treks.
  • We do not arrange any illegal substance or banned activity or entertainment for our guests.
  • We follow all existing environmental guidelines in our tourism operations.
  • We encourage our guests to mingle with locals and appreciate our cultural institutions but never press them to make any monetary contribution. 

What our Travelers Had to Say

This November, I spent 4 days exploring Bhutan. In that time I came to realise just how special this unique kingdom is and I hope to convey that realisation in this video. My trip was organised by Raven Tours and Treks. I had my own private guide who was very well informed and had extensive knowledge to answer all my questions – no matter if they were political, religious or even personal. ”

- Video by – Alina S.



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