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How it Works

Step 1:

Take a look at our catalogue of exciting tours to Bhutan. We’ve curated a wide range of activities to make sure that there’s something for every type of traveler. Still don’t see your dream vacation? Drop us a line at, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Give us an idea of what constitutes your ideal trip: your budget, the destinations you’d like to visit, the pace of your tour, and the style of accommodation you’re looking for. Each detail will help us to create your unforgettable adventure to Bhutan.

Step 2:

Once you’ve gotten in touch with us, we’ll work together to craft a bespoke itinerary that’s tailored specifically to your interests. We can take you beyond the usual tourist circuit and introduce you to the authentic Bhutan. Your itinerary will be a thorough document that outlines your accommodation, activities, and projected expenses. We’ll provide you with this custom itinerary as soon as possible so that you have plenty of time to review it and suggest any further changes.

Step 3:

Once we send you a customized itinerary, take some time to look things over and ask any lingering questions. We’ll also provide you with our electronic guidebook to Bhutan, which will give you an overview of the country and introduce you to a few potential ideas for additional activities to try while you’re here. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like to make any changes to this bespoke itinerary. We are always happy to answer your questions and accommodate any unique travel requests that will make your trip more memorable.

Step 4:

After we’ve finalized your custom travel itinerary, we’ll ask you to send us a scanned colour copy of your passport. Because of the way flights into Bhutan are regulated, we need this information upon confirmation of your booking in order to reserve your seats on the flight. We can also handle these arrangements for you by booking your flight to Bhutan directly.

Step 5:

When your trip has been paid in full, we’ll use your scanned passport information to request an e-visa from the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Your visa will be processed about two weeks before you arrive in Bhutan in order to ensure that it remains valid during your travel dates. We’ll notify you via email as soon as your visa and flight tickets are ready.

Step 6:

Now that your travel plans have been finalized, you can sit back and let us take care of the finer details. We’ll make all of the arrangements for your accommodations, activities, and transportation, and we’ll provide you with up-to-date details which can be accessed with our mobile phone application. Your tour will always remain flexible, and you can even make adjustments or book new activities while you’re here in Bhutan. Our mobile app will always reflect the latest revisions to your itinerary and will also let you access copies of your e-visa and flight tickets on demand.

Step 7:

Upon your arrival in Bhutan, our guide will meet you at the airport and accompany you throughout your journey. If you ever need to contact our office directly, we’re just a phone call away. We’ll also use our mobile app to provide you with your guide and driver’s details, emergency contact information, and agency WhatsApp contact information. From the moment you first land in Bhutan until your final farewell, we consider you to be our valued guest. We’ll be there to take care of all your travel needs and requests, and we guarantee that you’ll make some new friends and great memories along the way.

What our Travelers Had to Say

This November, I spent 4 days exploring Bhutan. In that time I came to realise just how special this unique kingdom is and I hope to convey that realisation in this video. My trip was organised by Raven Tours and Treks. I had my own private guide who was very well informed and had extensive knowledge to answer all my questions – no matter if they were political, religious or even personal. ”

- Video by – Alina S.



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Raven Tours and Treks has set new standards for traveling to the kingdom of Bhutan. Whether you want to explore our country’s lush natural landscapes or forge genuine connections with its friendly people, our team of experts is here to realize your dreams. We’ll leverage years of experience to ensure that each day you spend in Bhutan is better than the last. Take a look at our current packages and get in touch when you’re ready to create your own unforgettable itinerary!