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Paro’s Hotel Olathang is situated on a hillside amongst 23 acres of parklike greenery, just about two kilometers from the center of town. Standard rooms in the hotel’s multistory main building are arrayed around a pleasant inner courtyard landscaped with flowers. When possible, we recommend requesting a standard or deluxe cottage on the perimeter of Olathang’s property. Your room will be screened by verdant pine trees, and you’ll gain a sense of privacy and seclusion that’s absent from the shared spaces and main building. Wi-Fi access may be limited to the main building, but the hotel offers plenty of other perks, such as a hot tub, free breakfast, laundry, and ironing services.

The trip into town is short, but don’t let that keep you from enjoying everything that Hotel Olathang has to offer on its own property. There is an international restaurant with good Bhutanese fare and a small bar with a great beer selection. If you’re looking to unwind, visit the hotel spa or consider taking a traditional hot stone bath. You’ll even find a handicraft souvenir shop on the first floor of the main building. Finally, the hotel is also home to a unique bit of history: it was constructed in 1974 to house guests for the coronation of Bhutan’s fourth king, Jigme Singye Wangchuck. He was the first ruler to emphasize Gross National Happiness as a metric to measure the country’s success.

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This November, I spent 4 days exploring Bhutan. In that time I came to realise just how special this unique kingdom is and I hope to convey that realisation in this video. My trip was organised by Raven Tours and Treks. I had my own private guide who was very well informed and had extensive knowledge to answer all my questions – no matter if they were political, religious or even personal. ”

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