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Bhutan is the last of its kind: an independent Himalayan mountain kingdom blanketed in virgin forest and ringed by some of the tallest peaks on the planet. Popularly known as “The Land of the Thunder Dragon,” Bhutan experiences dramatic weather patterns that create sensational cloudscapes and lush greenery at every turn. Our country is also home to some of the friendliest people you’re ever likely to meet. Join Raven Tours and Treks to experience the very best that Bhutan has to offer.

Rich Heritage

Get in touch with the real Bhutan by joining one of our cultural tours.


Trekking, cycling, even whitewater rafting: Bhutan’s got it all. Check out our adrenaline-packed adventure tours.


Treat yourself to five-star hotels and first-class spa treatments with our fine luxury tours.


Engage directly with local communities by trying hands-on activities like painting, cooking, weaving, and more.

Places to Indulge

Bhutan is a veritable wonderland of forested hills, terraced fields, sprawling valleys, and soaring Himalayan peaks. Whether you’re planning a short visit on the tourist circuit between Paro and Thimphu or a longer expedition to the far-flung reaches of Trashigang, you’ll be delighted with the sheer diversity of landscapes, activities, and cultural attractions in this tiny kingdom. And as our country continues to embrace international travelers from across the globe, a thriving industry of luxury-grade boutique hotels has given rise to unparalleled levels of sophistication and comfort. Let Raven Tours and Treks be your guide to the most indulgent experiences in Bhutan.


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At Raven Tours and Treks, we’ve carefully put together each and every one of our vacation packages to ensure that we’re always delivering fresh, exciting experiences for our guests. Please take a moment to browse our full catalogue of hand-crafted itineraries; you can sort these tours according to the regions you plan to visit or the activities you’d like to try. And if you don’t see the right tour for you, don’t worry! We’ll work with you to create a custom itinerary from the ground-up.

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This November, I spent 4 days exploring Bhutan. In that time I came to realise just how special this unique kingdom is and I hope to convey that realisation in this video. My trip was organised by Raven Tours and Treks. I had my own private guide who was very well informed and had extensive knowledge to answer all my questions – no matter if they were political, religious or even personal. ”

- Video by – Alina S.



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Raven Tours and Treks has set new standards for traveling to the kingdom of Bhutan. Whether you want to explore our country’s lush natural landscapes or forge genuine connections with its friendly people, our team of experts is here to realize your dreams. We’ll leverage years of experience to ensure that each day you spend in Bhutan is better than the last. Take a look at our current packages and get in touch when you’re ready to create your own unforgettable itinerary!